EU to encourage ‘green passes’ for vaccination

The European Commission (EC) will propose rules for European Union (EU) vaccination “green passes” this month, as the bloc prepares to implement immunization campaigns at a faster pace, EC President Urzula von der Leiena said on Monday.

“We will present a legislative initiative for a digital green pass this month,” the EC president said on Twitter, explaining that the pass will be a testament to the vaccination and the result of the Covid-19 test.

Such a pass will gradually allow people to “move safely within the EU or abroad for work or tourism,” she added.

In the coming months, the EC will try to create a technical basis for a digital certificate that would be accepted in all 27 EU countries, meeting with German MEPs and members of the Bundestag, Leiena said.

There is a lively debate in the EU about how such an EU green pass could be used.

Countries whose economies are heavily dependent on tourism, such as Greece, as well as the airline lobby, want this document to be in the form of a vaccination passport that would allow immunized people to avoid testing and quarantine when traveling.

Most EU countries, led by Germany and France, believe that the time has not yet come.

They fear that such a move would create a two-lane society where vaccinated people could enjoy life without restrictions, while the majority, while still waiting for vaccines, would continue to restrict their activities.

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