Eudoxie Yao on the verge of leaving “Grand P”?

Accused of infidelity by the Malian actor Souleymane Keïta alias “Kanté”, the Guinean artist “Grand P” could see his union with his wife Eudoxie Yao shattered. Indeed, the Ivorian Bimbo would be very angry with her lover and Internet users, on the future of the couple who have so amazed social networks, because of their great differences.

Love is blind, that’s obvious. But, the Ivorian Eudoxie Yao who had no eye, lately, for “Grand P”, seems to begin to realize the infidelity of her fiancé, who continues to defend himself in the name of provocation . Indeed, in recent times, the Guinean artist appears more and more on the Web with women other than the one we already know, Eudoxie Yao. Something that has sparked thousands of questions from internet users who continue to take social networks by storm.

“My fiancé Grand P shows up a bit too much with other girls on social networks. Frankly, I don’t appreciate it. You can’t claim to love a woman, be in a relationship with her and fall in love with others on social networks, when your fiancée is also very active on social networks. My Guinean parents-in-law also noticed it, but nobody complains about it, ”said Eudoxie Yao.

The Ivorian bimbo will continue in her post, adding: “so if I leave Grand P they don’t say after I came into Grand P’s life to just take advantage of him. In any case, talk to Grand P. If he continues and I decide to end the relationship, it will be for good ”.

After this threatening declaration of Eudoxie Yao, “Grand P” was quick to react to quickly hush up the incident, suddenly bringing out his talent as a romantic poet. “Baby, you and me for life. Baby, we’re made for each other. Please don’t listen to people. It’s just jealousy. I love you until love, ”he wrote on his Facebook page. Is this release of “Grand P” enough to calm Eudoxie Yao? Case to be continued.

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