Euro 7 standard for cars: “Unworldly decisions with dramatic consequences”

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Euro 7 standard of the EU – “Unworldly decisions with dramatic consequences”

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Uncertain future: New cars are on a freight train near Hanover Uncertain future: New cars are on a freight train near Hanover

Uncertain future: New cars are on a freight train near Hanover

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The auto industry warns of a ban on the internal combustion engine through the back door. The planned Euro 7 standard of the EU could no longer meet a car with a petrol or diesel engine. The CDU Economic Council is now calling for an exclusive alliance against the new rules.

EActually, the auto summit on Tuesday evening in the Chancellery should once again be about charging stations, electrical bonuses and the transformation of Germany‘s key industry. However, in the days leading up to the summit, the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) put pressure on another topic: the future European emissions standard Euro 7.

The specifications are currently being worked on in Brussels and the auto industry fears that they will be so strict that cars with internal combustion engines will in fact be abolished as early as 2025.

“The EU Commission is pursuing a policy of prohibition through the back door and wants to evade the democratic participation of citizens,” said VDA President Hildegard Müller on the day after the car summit. “The planned specifications for Euro 7 are technically practically impossible.”

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If the EU Commission has its way, cars should in future comply with even stricter limit values ​​in all driving situations – for example, when starting at minus 20 degrees, when starting up on a hill, with the whole family in the car plus trailer. So far, temporary peaks have been permitted if the limit values ​​are adhered to on average. “It’s like just dictating the resting heart rate while doing sport,” says chief lobbyist Müller.

But it’s not just about stricter limit values. In Brussels there are also plans to introduce so-called geofencing. “That would specifically mean prohibited zones into which no car with a combustion engine would be allowed to drive,” complains Müller. If you believe the VDA, you met with a lot of understanding from the politicians present at the auto summit.

CDU calls for an alliance of car countries

“Our criticism of the planned Euro 7 emissions standard was largely shared at the auto summit,” says the association’s president. But Müller would like further German support on the subject from the EU Commission President: “Ms. von der Leyen has to take on this subject personally, it comes from her area of ​​responsibility.”

The industry also receives support from the CDU Economic Council. According to the association, it is not enough, as happened at the car summit, to continue subsidizing the industry with three billion euros. “We need a car alliance in the EU,” says Secretary General Wolfgang Steiger WELT. “Neither warm words nor subsidies or bonuses help the German and European automotive industry.”

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For the Economic Council, the matter is clear: “The EU Commission wants to push through its Green Deal in a completely unfamiliar way – and is thus actively helping to destroy the European automobile manufacturers and their many medium-sized suppliers,” said Steiger.

Germany must therefore enter into a partnership with other auto countries in the EU such as Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania in order to prevent the planned Euro 7 standards. Countries like Austria or Slovakia with a strong supplier industry could also have similar interests.

If the alliance does not come about, it is questionable how the states “after the ideologically driven dismantling of one of their central sources of added value should still be able to make their payment obligations to Brussels,” says the Secretary General of the CDU Economic Council.

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Especially in the corona pandemic, everything must be done to keep people in work. “We should not take them away from them without necessity, by breaking the backbone of the industry – because unfamiliar decisions with dramatic consequences are made in offices,” said Steiger.

The path to more climate neutrality does not lead through bans, but only through innovations and technology openness. “If, for example, we only help e-mobility achieve a breakthrough because the combustion engine is de facto banned, then that is not a structural change, but ideological machine storming.”

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Cem Özdemir (Greens), the chairman of the Bundestag’s transport committee, is angry about the German auto industry. Other manufacturers would have switched to electric drives more quickly. The time to talk is over.

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