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Former Danish national team goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes that UEFA has put some pressure on the selection of Christian Eriksen to resume the game against Finland after the Danish midfielder’s cardiac arrest.

The distress of Danish players around Eriksen

This will remain the first strong image of the Euro. Saturday, the cardiac arrest of Christian Eriksen, in full match against Finland (0-1), moved the whole football plant. The latest news about the state of health of the Danish attacking midfielder reassured everyone, but voices are now being raised against UEFA’s decision to resume the match.

This is particularly the case of Peter Schmeichel. The father of Kasper, the goalkeeper of the Danish team, believes that the European body has not told the truth about the Danes’ will to resume the match. I read a press release from UEFA saying that it had followed the advice of the players. I know this is not the truth. Or it’s your way of seeing the truth , launched the former Manchester United goalkeeper on Monday morning in the Good Morning Britain program.

The threat of defeat on the green carpet

Before detailing the choices imposed by UEFA: They gave them three options: the first was to replay immediately and to finish the last 50 minutes. The second was to play yesterday at noon and finish the last 50 minutes, the third was to lose by forfeit 3-0 , he explained. Did the players want to play? Did they really have a choice? I don’t think so, Schmeichel continues. As you heard yesterday at a press conference, the coach seriously regretted that his players returned to the field.

Indeed, Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand estimated on Sunday that the resumption of the match had been a bad decision for some players in shock . We shouldn’t have played. But it is difficult. This is my feeling. It was a very harsh message that the players decide to play or not , added the technician. The words of Peter Schmeichel are likely to speak.

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