Europa ︱ Manchester United welcomes Barcelona to enter the top 16 Tan Shager: must hand over the best performance of the season (21:18)-20230223-Sports-Instant News

Manchester United vs. Barcelona now643 live broadcast at 04:00 tomorrow morning

Since the end of the World Cup truce at the end of last year, Manchester United has suffered only one loss in nearly 17 games. Not only has it stepped up to the top two Arsenal and Manchester City in the Premier League, but it is also the only team in the top five European leagues that is still fighting in the fourth tier. The Red Devils will play in 4 events in the next 4 games. The first hurdle will be against Barcelona at the Altford Stadium tomorrow morning, striving to reach the top 16 of the Europa League. Tanshager said before the game: “The next will be a good opportunity for his subordinates to show their strength, but facing an enemy like Barcelona, ​​I think we must hand in the best performance of the season.”

In addition, striker Weghuss has only scored 1 goal in 10 games in all competitions after joining Manchester United on loan last month. In the first round of UEFA’s first round as a guest at Barcelona last week, he missed a single-handed goal. He is 1.97 meters tall. There is no advantage in competing for the top. Garvey, who is only 1.73 meters tall, has successfully competed for the top. However, the Dutch captain center forward did not hesitate to “fly all over the field” in the game, doing a lot of defenses such as pressing and returning to interception, just like the team’s first line of defense. Midfielder Bannu Fernandis described the opponent as an “unsung hero”. “As a center forward, of course I hope to score goals, but Weghuss did a lot of running and pressing in the game to complete the work that the team asked him to do.” Tanshager also said: “Weghaus is very important to the team. His work makes his teammates perform better and have more opportunities to score goals.”

For Barcelona, ​​the active team only has 20 players due to injuries and stoppages. Among them, the Spanish internationals Ma Baodi and Garvey are absent due to injuries and cumulative yellow card suspensions respectively. The positions are expected to be Saji Roberto and Ferentoli Si replaced, captain Buskis has been injured with the team. Robert Liyundowski made a contribution against Cadiz in La Liga a few days ago, ending the scoring drought in 3 games. The 34-year-old Polish striker has scored 24 goals this season. If he scores another goal, Barcelona will need to report to him. The former club Bayern Munich paid 1.25 million euros (approximately HK$10.45 million) in floating bonuses.

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