Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt keeper Trapp hit by firecrackers – football

Very ugly scene at Frankfurt’s Euro League victory in Antwerp!

National goalkeeper Kevin Trapp (31) is hit by a pyro-firecracker in the middle of the game, luckily he can continue after a short break.

The 47th minute: After the half-time break, Antwerp chaots throw several firecrackers from the stands onto the field. One stays right between Trapp’s feet and explodes with a loud bang! Smoke rises, the Frankfurter goes down, remains on the lawn for a good minute. The game is paused for around three minutes. Eintracht’s doctors are on the spot immediately, asking about the goalkeeper. Then Trapp gets up again, briefly touches his ear because of the loud bang and continues playing.

Great luck for the goalkeeper – and finally the long-awaited threesome for him and Eintracht!

Frankfurt ended its victory allergy in Antwerp at the very last minute: Storm reservist Goncalo Paciência scored in stoppage time with a penalty. Eintracht previously with eight games without a win and six draws in a row. Now finally the first victory under new coach Oliver Glasner (47)!

But the Frankfurters really have to tremble for that! It is the expected poison peak: rough duels, little playful actions by both teams. Eintracht tries to force it, but misses their top chances: striker Lammers kicks an air hole after eight minutes in the fiver, Hinteregger pushes the ball past the goal after a corner from a few meters (83rd).

Wild fan riots, unfortunately, even before the game: Royal supporters detonated several smoke bombs before kick-off, fogging the whole stadium. The 800 Frankfurters who traveled with them behave peacefully – at least in the stadium.

Unfortunately, they also showed their ugly side before the game: According to media reports, around 300 Eintracht hooligans attacked the “Café Great Old”, the favorite bar of the Royal fans near the Bosuil Stadium, at around 2pm. According to “Het Nieuwsblad”, chairs flew, glass was broken, fireworks set off. Photos show battered table sets.

The police, who are said to have expected a later attack, were pelted with objects and used pepper spray. “Het Nieuwsblad” reports on dozens of Frankfurters who have been arrested.

And there were riots even after the final whistle. 30 Frankfurt VIP fans are attacked in the stands, including a rollator being thrown at them. Because objects are constantly flying out of the curve, planned player interviews must also be canceled.


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