[Europa League]Real Madrid and Liverpool to defend the title of the king of the competition in the final at 3 o’clock at night

[Sports Road News]The Europa League final will be held at 3 pm Hong Kong time tonight (28th), and Liverpool and Real Madrid will repeat the final scene four years ago. As the team that has won the most championships in the Europa League, Real Madrid has won all of the last 7 Europa League finals, but facing Liverpool, whose lineup has improved a lot compared to that year and is striving for the honor of the “Triple Crown”, it is difficult to win this game. It’s harder than it was 4 years ago.

C RonaldoC Ronaldo

C Ronaldo



The two teams have met again in the Europa League final since the 2017/18 season, when Real Madrid won the cup 3-1. However, since C Ronaldo left the team at the end of the season, Real Madrid has failed to reach the Europa League final for three consecutive years. final place. After a gap of 4 years, the midfield combination of Modi, Choos and Kasmiru is still at the top level, but Binschma’s striker partner has been changed from C Long to Vinnis, and Garif Bali has also been demoted. As a big backup, the main players Sage Oramos and Hualani have also left the team.

However, Real Madrid’s new stars have gradually adapted to the team and have been serving as the main force one after another. In addition to Vennis Oss, there is also Lodi Gogos, a hero in the second round of the top 4 battle, and the teenager Kama Joga also served as a surprise soldier in the battle. In addition, the coach also changed from the meritorious coach Shi Dan, who won the Europa League three consecutive championships, to Anchaloti, who was the second time in charge. After becoming the first coach in history to dominate the five major leagues, Anshuai also surpassed Ferguson, Naby and Gaop, and led the team to the Europa League final five times.

Lodi GaussLodi Gauss

Lodi Gauss

Real Madrid, which has entered the Europa League finals 16 times in team history, successfully won the title 13 times, and also won the cup in the last 7 finals. Liverpool of the season. As for Liverpool, who have reached the finals in the previous 9 times, they have won the championship 6 times. Gao Pu has also led the finals 3 times in 5 years. The most recent one was the 2018/19 season.



Vinny, DiasVinny, Dias

Vinny, Dias

Looking back at the Europa League final of the 2017/18 season, Liverpool lost due to two fatal mistakes by goalkeeper Kalios, but 4 years later, the “Red Army” built a golden defense line, and did not hesitate to sign Allison and Yundick. Breaking the record for the highest transfer fee for a goalkeeper and defender at the time. Madip or Ganadi also have the ability to partner with Yun Diq, and then cooperate with the two gates of Alexander Arnott and Robertson. Liverpool’s problem of insufficient reserve depth in the past was resolved after signings. Dias, Fimino and Zuda can all take on the offensive banner with Shana and Vinny. Oxlade-Chamberlain also brought a lot of changes on offense, which helped the team win the third championship this season after the FA Cup and the League Cup.

After Real Madrid eliminated Manchester City in the Europa League semi-finals, Sharna said on social platforms “we have to settle accounts”. After finishing his contract in June next year, he sent “reassurance” to Liverpool fans, revealing that he will continue to stay in effect next season. In addition, it is rumored that he has the opportunity to join Bayern Munich’s Vinny. At the same time, he pointed out that he will focus on preparing for the Europa League first, but he promises to give fans satisfaction. Reply. Real Madrid coach Ancelotti agrees with Sharna’s strength, pointing out that the opponent is an excellent player and can pose a threat, but the team can also regard this battle as a revenge battle in 1981.

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