[Europe market conditions]Stocks are high for the first time in a month, China relaxes corona measures-German bonds fall-Bloomberg

European stocks rose on the 30th, hitting a month-high high.China takes measures against new coronavirusa reliefHowever, it pushed up the risk orientation in anticipation of economic recovery.

The STOXX Europe 600 index is up 0.6%. 4 business days continuous growth, the longest consecutive high since March. Consumer stocks and tech stocks led the rise. Meanwhile, telecommunications and utilities stocks fell.

European stocks have been under selling pressure earlier this year due to hawkish financial authorities, slowing growth, rising prices and the war in Ukraine. Last week, cheap valuations and continued good profit outlooks led to investment motivation, leading to bargain purchases.

German bonds have fallen in the European bond market. Eurozone government bonds have fallen across the board.Germany’s inflation rateRecord highAs the pressure to raise interest rates on the European Central Bank (ECB) increased, expectations for money market rate hikes accelerated.

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