Europe: Sexually transmitted disease worries doctors

A sexual disease is spreading in the UK. Nicknamed “flesh-eater”, this infection can cause necrosis in the genitals, indiscriminately in men and women.

An STI is developing in the UK. First before the health crisis, the infection then developed significantly since the gradual lifting of barrier gestures, reports Gentside. This disease causes, among other things, lesions on the genitals of people who have contracted it.

Named donovanosis, or inguinal granuloma, this disease is “characterized by slowly developing skin lesions, bright red in color, raised, painless and often ulcerated” reports the platform. The incubation period would range from one to 12 weeks, and this so-called “flesh-eating” disease could cause strong unpleasant odors and promote HIV transmission. This disease can cause necrosis in the penis, anus and vagina, and can lead to the death of its carrier.

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