Europe: UEFA’s plan to finish the Champions League (BILD)

According to the German daily BILD, UEFA is working on a plan to finish the Champions League in which all the matches would be played on a single opposition, all behind closed doors.

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According to BILD, UEFA is working on its scheme to finish the 2019/20 Champions League and wants to complete its competitions this summer. First of all, we will have to finish the remaining four round of 16, including the match between Juventus and Olympique Lyonnais.

Thereafter, all the quarter-final matches for the title match would be played in one and the same city, all in camera. From quarterbacks, all matches would take place in a dry match and not in a return match as provided for in the competition regulations. The quarter-finals would be played over two days, then the qualified teams would enjoy two days of rest. After that, the semi-finals will also be played over two days and two more days of rest will be scheduled before playing the final.

BILD, on the other hand, remains very wary of the meetings held in Istanbul, the host city of the final, and wonders if it will be possible to host all the meetings due to the situation of the Covid-19 in Turkey. It was notably mentioned to move the final to Lisbon, in Portugal.

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