“European Film Panorama”… Ten cinema days in Cairo

In 2004, the first edition of the “European Film Panorama” event was launched in Cairo, based on the desire of the organizers to try to create an annual event that attracts those interested in films. Novelist and documentaries, the contents of which are usually different from the themes of popular cinema, especially American ones, that is, far from Consumption And the oversight scissors too.

In “Zawya Cinema” and “Zamalek Cinema”, next Thursday (December 1), the first screenings of the fifteenth session of “Panorama” will start, and its activities will continue until the tenth of the same month, provided that the films to be shown are divided according to the topics that will be shown. You work on it, not like the previous courses that adopted the qualitative classification.

And the first sections The demonstration It is titled “Intimate Cracks”, and its focal point is kinship relations, how they affect the fate of the individual, and any interaction that can occur between them. “More Than Ever”, “Mother and Son”, “Good Morning”, and “Son”.

While the second group deals with “reincarnation” to give more space for performative reflection, and what the character can do in isolation from the actor, and five films fall within this context: “Thin”, “Remini”, “The Mission”, “The Ordinary”, and ” Triangle of sadness.

As for the dramatic approach proposed by the third group, “To See,” it goes where the idea of ​​the work sheds light on the concept of existential conflict, showing its representations, and its films: “Waist Corset,” “Marcel,” “Metronome,” “Rodeo,” and Talking About the Weather, The Quiet Girl, and Vera.

She also addresses the issue of migration and alienation through “Rough Areas”, whose films explore problems of belonging and the relationship to place, namely: “A Guard Shift”, “Island of the Rock”, “Land of the Lord”, “Human Flowers of Flesh”, and “ Torment over carrots.

Films whose events are only revealed gradually and in which mysterious angles remain have a share in the demonstration as well, and are shown under the title “In Secret” and include: “Beautiful Creatures,” “Water,” “Io,” “Serviam I Will Serve,” and “ night of the twelfth.

As for the last section, “The Underdogs”, it presents works whose protagonists are characters who came from the margins, or were ostracized from their social milieu, and these films are: “Everyone Hates Johan”, “Hide and Seek”, “The Woodcutter’s Story”, “The Worst People Ever”, and “wolf”.

It is noteworthy that the session celebrates the recently late French director, Jean-Luc Godard, by showing retrospective films that he worked on in the post-1968 period.

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