European funds and the rule of law: no to “political enslavement”

In the opinion of the Polish national-conservative government and the media that support it, making the payment of European funds conditional on respect for the rule of law would reduce the country’s sovereignty and subject it to the arbitrary power of the European institutions and the Member States. more powerful.

Hungary and Poland have blocked since the start of the week the adoption of a set of texts on which the next multi-annual budget of the European Union and its exceptional economic recovery plan are based.

And on Wednesday November 18, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki gave a speech with very anti-European overtones to explain his government’s position to MEPs.

“The rule [qui conditionne le versement des fonds européens au respect de l’État de droit par les pays membres] could be interpreted freely by the bureaucrats in Brussels. This could later threaten theEU collapse ”, warned the Prime Minister.

A Union in which a European oligarchy punishes [États] weak and sends them around the corner would not have a chance to survive. This is not theEU into which we have entered, such a Union has no future. […] Europe is great when it is a Europe of fatherlands.

Still very supportive of the national-conservative government, the news site estimate that “The Prime Minister is right: we are at a turning point in the history of Europe. If this mechanism of political enslavement is imposed on the nations of our continent, the UE will sooner or later collapse, it is another illustration of the ideological madness that regularly intoxicates the elites of the most powerful states. ”

Poles support veto

The news site, close to the ruling party, sees the conditionality mechanism as a means of reducing Poland’s sovereignty through controls exercised by “Uncontrolled European notables, but almost always responding to orders from Berlin and, to a lesser extent, from Paris”.

According to a United Surveys survey for the newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and the radio RMF FM, 46% of Poles are opposed to conditionality between European funds and respect for the rule of law and 57% are in favor of vetoing the budget of theEU whether such a mechanism should be adopted.

Romain Su

Source is an internet portal founded in 2010 by the Karnowski brothers, also owners of the weekly Sieci. Close to the ultra-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party in power in Poland since 2015, the site has become a


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