European funds misappropriated in Sicily: anti-mafia snip

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94 people were arrested near Messina, in eastern Sicily, on Wednesday, January 15, as part of a large-scale police operation. A mafia clan is accused of having set up a system of scams with European funds, which has reportedly raised several million euros in recent years.

We thought this region of the island relatively untouched by the phenomenon of organized crime. It is not so. “For many years the province of Messina [à l’extrémité est de la Sicile, séparée du reste de l’Italie par quelques kilomètres de mer] was considered the ‘silly’ area of ​​the island, point Il Corriere della Sera. The one where the mafia did not exist, or at least the one where organized crime was a simple delinquency linked in part to pastures. “The Nebrodi survey (named after the mountain range in this region) has shown the opposite.

According to the Milan daily, “The Mafia in the Messina region is a modern Mafia, which has put away the rifles and replaced them with requests for funding



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