Europe’s ‘corona lockdown’ stained with violent protests


This time, let’s take a look at the situation in Europe where the corona virus is spreading again.

​Connects Berlin and Paris correspondents.

First, correspondent Gwi-soo Kim in Berlin! There were protests in several European countries last weekend. Why?


In the Netherlands, which has been in lockdown for three weeks since the 12th, protests against the lockdown have turned into violence.

The streets were burned in the protests that lasted all weekend from the 19th, and the police were attacked.

In Austria, which has imposed a total lockdown for up to 20 days since yesterday, and in Belgium, which has significantly tightened restrictions on unvaccinated people, tens of thousands of protesters occupied the streets over the weekend, shouting for freedom.


This time, I’m a correspondent in Paris Yuwon Middle School!

France and Italy are on the side of strengthening vaccine passports instead of lockdown. In Italy, they are discussing introducing a Super Green Pass. What is this?


Yes, the name is grandiose, but it will give preference to those who have been vaccinated or who have been cured of COVID-19 in the past.

In order to prevent discrimination due to vaccination, ‘Green Pass’ has been able to receive people who have not been vaccinated but have tested negative for COVID-19, but this will be eliminated.

The goal is to encourage more active vaccination.


So why do these two countries support preferential vaccination over containment?


It is strongly supported by the business community and local governments.

It is very meaningful to revive the local economy while protecting the self-employed who have been unable to operate properly for nearly two years due to the corona lockdown.

As you know, from now until Christmas is the shopping season.

This is because, if the lockdown measures are put in place due to the re-spread of Corona, the local economy will be severely affected.

[카롤라 마르티니/관광객 : “우리 모두 집에 갇혀 있지 않고 더 즐거운 성탄절을 보낼 수 있다면 한번 해보는 거죠.”]

France also believes that the mandatory presentation of a ‘health pass’ helped increase the vaccination rate.

From the 15th of next month, the system has been strengthened so that people over 65 must receive the 3rd dose to have this health pass valid.


Correspondent Kim Gwi-soo of Berlin again.

Furthermore, there are countries that are pushing for compulsory vaccination, which seems to be controversial.


In Germany, where vaccination rates are relatively low, there were even warnings to encourage rather radical vaccinations.

[옌스 슈판/독일 보건장관 : “일각에서 냉소적으로 이야기하는 것처럼 이번 겨울이 끝나면 독일의 거의 모든 사람들이 예방 접종을 받거나, 병에 걸렸다가 완치가 되거나, 사망할 가능성이 있습니다.”]

Those who refuse to vaccinate say the current vaccine is not scientifically well-proven and is dangerous.

German national football player Kimmich is also refusing to be vaccinated for this reason.

That’s why I argue that freedom should not be limited just because of not being vaccinated.

However, as Austria said it would make vaccination compulsory from February next year, and Germany and other countries are also discussing it, the debate over it is expected to intensify.


Yes, we checked the corona situation in Europe by connecting Berlin and Paris.

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