Eurozone economic activity slows January overall PMI lows for the first time in almost a year-Bloomberg

Economic activity in the euro area expanded in January, but at a slow pace for the first time in almost a year.Infection spread of Omicron mutant strain of new coronavirusService industryHit directly.

The preliminary figures for the General Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for January announced by IHS Markit on the 24th are 52.4. Although the supply disruption in the manufacturing industry has eased slightly, it has declined for the second straight month from 53.3 in the previous month.

Eurozone January comprehensive PMI preliminary figures are 52.4, forecast 52.6

The highly infectious epidemic of the Omicron strain has particularly affected industries such as tourism, travel and entertainment. However, despite the increase in absenteeism due to infection, many factories increased production as delivery delays and parts shortages eased.

“The epidemic of Omicron stocks has once again plummeted consumer spending on the services industry,” said Chris Williamson, chief business economist at IHS. “However, the overall impact, including in other industries, seems to have been somewhat curtailed so far. The manufacturing supply chain delays have been further mitigated as the wave of infection spreads again. Is encouraging. “

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