Eutelsat to improve Internet access in Africa with its Konnect satellite

Eutelsat Communications has commissioned its latest generation Eutelsat Konnect satellite. The operator announced this on November 16, to the delight of several Internet connectivity providers. Thanks to this infrastructure technological spatial, remote areas of the continent may be better served.

Konnect is a multibeam satellite manufactured by Thales Alenia Space. It was put into orbit in January 2020, from the Kourou space center in Guyana by Ariane Space. An operation whose promises have increased with the effects of the current pandemic. Indeed, the Covid-19 has sparked an explosion in demand for connectivity.

“The commissioning of Eutelsat Konnect marks a major step in Eutelsat’s growth strategy focused on connectivity, which will help make 2021 a turning point in fixed broadband” explained the French company.

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