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“new. The craze of “Evangelion: The End” has not yet ended. After the cooperation of various products, 7-11 has introduced a large number of stylish EVA daily necessities, including: storage box, mobile charger (urine bag), How can fans miss the thermos mug?

  • 7-11 Follow the “New.Evangelion Theatrical Edition: The End” craze introduces stylish EVA daily necessities
  • Including storage boxes, thermos cups, etc., the price ranges from $79 to $250
  • At the same time, a boutique of “My Little Cream” was also launched, with prices ranging from $55 to $109

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The EVA products introduced this time are mainly purple, including large-capacity foldable storage boxes, straight “UNNERV” pattern umbrellas, 5000mAh external urine bags, in addition to modeling coasters, multi-purpose embossed pouches, The temperature-changing water cup, NERV vacuum flask and a variety of keychains in different shapes range from $79 to $250. Everyone will have the opportunity to buy them from September 1st.

7-11 also launched a number of classic animation “I am a small cream” boutique, including doll charm, PU small round mirror, character hair tie, PVC multi-purpose bag and canvas bag. In addition, there is also a coaster in the shape of a vinyl disc, “My Little Cream”, which is of great collection value. The price of “My Little Cream” ranges from $55 to $109, and those who are interested will not miss it.

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