“Evacuation and cutting of utilities” .. the first official decision regarding “Alexandria Real Estate”

07:51 PM

Saturday 24 July 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer and Mohamed El-Badri:

The local authorities in the Gomrok neighborhood in the center of Alexandria governorate issued urgent decisions to cut off the utilities of the property, which witnessed a sudden mile today, Saturday, in the Al-Sayala area in the Gomrok neighborhood, central Alexandria, this evening, Saturday. , while the neighborhood evacuated the property and the properties adjacent to it

The concerned authorities also decided to evacuate 4 properties in the vicinity of the tilted property, in anticipation of developments in the incident, in order to preserve the lives and property of citizens.

And the official page of the Masrawy website, on the social networking site Facebook, published a direct coverage of the property site, which witnessed the sudden inclination.

The operations room of the Customs neighborhood received a report stating that a property on Khattab Street in Al-Siyala area was inclined and separated from the property next to it.

The residents said that the residents heard a popping sound and rushed to leave the building after the sudden tilt. The examination revealed that the aforementioned property is newly built and consists of ground and 16 floors, and that a slope and its separation by several centimeters from the adjacent property of 18 floors, and cracks and cracks in it, So far, no injuries or losses.

The customs district issued a decision to evacuate the property from the residents, and the decision is currently being implemented on the property and a number of properties adjacent to it, until the safety of the property is confirmed and presented to the dilapidated construction committee.

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