Evaluation of mining industries: Senegal scores 93 points out of 100

Dakar, Oct 21 (APS) – Senegal scored 93 out of 100 points in a recent evaluation of its Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a statement posted on the public body’s website said.

This ‘very high’ score illustrates the country’s progress in terms of accessibility of data from the extractive sector and of using the EITI as a platform for debate and reforms.

The board of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative states that ” Senegal has achieved a very high score in the implementation of the EITI ”.

Despite the challenges associated with Covid-19, the statement noted, the country has used the EITI to strengthen its extractive industries governance practices, inform the public debate and shed light on its legal framework. Senegal is the first country to be assessed under the new EITI validation model. ”

According to the same source, the Senegalese extractive sector has evolved since its last assessment, based on the “ requirements ” of the EITI in 2018.

Although the sector is still predominantly dominated by mining activities, notes the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, recent discoveries of oil and gas have attracted investment and generated new sources of income, which strengthened oversight of the governance of these assets. ”

However, it considers that despite the progress noted in improving the transparency of the procedures for granting and transferring licenses in the mining sector, the country must strengthen the oversight of oil and gas licenses. This surveillance has become a matter of public interest since allegations of improper licensing activity were raised in 2019.

In the Council of Ministers, Wednesday, the Head of State returned to the results of the international validation of the Initiative for transparency in the extractive industries of Senegal, with an overall score of 93 points out of 100, in the implementation implementation of the 2019 EITI standard.

Macky Sall indicates that this result was obtained following “ proactive efforts ” provided by the State for the transparency of its management of oil and gas resources, in accordance with the evaluation criteria and the new validation model of EITI.

He congratulated the government and the national committee of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative for the quality of their work.

Macky Sall also wished that the support provided by the authorities to this committee be increased.

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