Evan Fournier would seek to join a favorite for the title!

While he has just activated his player option, automatically extending his contract for one season in Orlando, Evan Fournier could in fact not stay in Florida. According to the serious site The Athletic, the French would do anything to join a favorite for the title!

When Evan Fournier decided to activate its player option a few days ago, no one was really surprised. He always felt good in Orlando, he has a lot of offensive freedom with the Magic, and above all, he was not sure to find a franchise that offers him $ 17 million in a season.

On the other hand, although very advantageous financially, this one-year extension goes a little against his personal ambitions. Indeed, the rear has always been hungry for victories, but it is therefore not this season that he should play the leading roles … Unless he finds his sporting happiness elsewhere!

Indeed, according to Zach Harper of the very serious site The Athletic, the French would not intend to stay in Orlando, even after activating his option. Evan Fournier would be very interested in the idea of ​​joining a franchise with overwhelming ambition via a trade, and it is starting to be seen in the league.

Some sources in the league claim that Evan Fournier is trying to find a way to join a team like the Suns, Clippers, or Nuggets.

Evan Fournier’s ambition can be felt here! For many seasons now, the Magic haven’t seemed able to play anything other than 7th or 8th place in the Eastern Conference, and things shouldn’t change anytime soon. By joining one of the 3 teams mentioned, the rear would finally discover the top of the standings and the long playoffs.

What is remarkable is that the Habs will undoubtedly have to give up their role as holder and their No.1 option status, whether in Los Angeles, Phoenix, or Denver. But in a role of 6th man for example, he could do what he does best: score points. A case to be followed seriously.

It’s the little bomb this Friday: Evan Supplier would therefore like to play the title. And rather than join a franchise like the Lakers or the Nets, he would like to be part of a recent, ambitious project. Why not become an X factor.

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