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The high-end statue of Rei Ayanami, the heroine of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, was unveiled a few days ago. She is dressed in white clothes, with well-drawn expressions, pure and elegant temperament, let’s take a look.


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• Ayanari is the heroine in “Evangelion”. The voice actor in the animated version is Hayashihara Emi. In the work, Ayanami Rei is the exclusive driver and the first qualified person of EVA No. 0 machine. His true identity is a clone, his character is quiet and cold, and he has an unusual indifference and calmness. Later, he gradually understood what fetters are, and he has the feelings of wanting to warm others and being warmed by others, and fighting for the fetters of everyone.

•Although the usual Ayanami Rei is always frosty, it does not affect her popularity in the slightest. She has always been a goddess spokesperson who is far from the vulgarity of the world. The new Ayanami high-end statue is from the PRIME 1 STATUE high-end figure brand, adhering to the consistent high quality of the club, Both the action design and the expression costumes of the statues have reached a considerable height, and the collection value is extremely high.

• The height of the new Ayanami high-end statue is about 64cm including the base and weighs 11.6kg. The price is 172,590 yen and is scheduled to be sent in August 2023. At the same time, the brand also has other famous character statues. Interested fans can pay attention to:Official page.

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