Even the kitchen! Aracely Arámbula at MasterChef México?

Apparently the name of Aracely Arambula It has begun to sound everywhere, and it is today that again the protagonist of melodramas and series has returned to the target of controversy since they suppose she could make her arrival to the famous cooking show, MasterChef Mexico, it is Anette Michele who reveals all the details.

In recent days it has been announced that the host of the famous cooking show, MasterChef México, Anette Michel I could say goodbye! to his stage in this broadcast and that Aracely Arámbula “would take his place.”

Aracely Arámbula’s name has resonated loudly in recent days after all the controversy surrounding her around the new season of Luis Miguel: The Series, which is why they have possibly led her to think of her as one of the candidates to replace the established actress Anette Michele in the program.

On this occasion, it was the presenter herself who spoke before the cameras about her departure from the program. Went with Mara Patricia Castañeda with whom he expressed himself more openly on this issue.

“They are within their right to change it”

After being questioned about all these versions and if Aracely Arámbula will replace her, Anette Michele replied that if she was considered by the directors for the next season, however, she revealed that even with this, they were within their right to change their cast.

Always in this race the only thing that is in sequence is the dressing room because anyone can come and do it, if it could happen because it is a project that I am not the owner of, I have done it from the beginning, but if they decide they want to another driver they can do it, he detailed.

Anette Michel informed that so far it is unknown if a new season of MasterChef Mexico will be recorded since the possibility that this year there will not be a broadcast of the project is even raised.

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After the rumors that Anette Michel would stop being the host of MasterChef México and that the actress Aracely Arámbula would replace her became known, it was the host of the successful culinary reality who spoke on the subject to clarify this information.

In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, the actress reported that the show’s producers considered her again for the next season. However, he stated that the directors are within their right to change their cast.

Wouldn’t there be MasterChef this year?

In the middle of the talk, the presenter advanced the possibility that at least 2021 there will not be a MasterChef broadcast.

During the conversation for the channel Youtube of the journalist, revealed that before this he would look for a new project.

This year it is not known if there will be or not, there are many projects to cover 2021 it is possible that there is a MasterChef but it is not yet closed. Normally companies must have their entire calendar from beginning to end, they told me this year there will not be, but there is the possibility that one will be made at the end ”, he explained.

“He has no more projects at the door”

Anette Michelle, who has been a television star who has stood out from the ranks of Tv Azteca, shared that so far she has not had a formal proposal from the Ajusco television station or any other, but she hopes that the next one will be one that a great dedication awakens you.

I really want to be in a project where your mouth is watering for being there, where, it does not matter, it is no longer a matter of companies … where they give me the opportunity to be loved.

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Also, he added that he would not like to join other programs where there is already a well-formed cast and is seen as a “weirdo”

I don’t want to be in a project where they put me in and my colleagues say “ash”.


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