Even with a mask: Swiss is now using face recognition at check-in

Contactless check-in at the airport should make traveling much faster. That’s why Swiss is now scanning the faces of its customers.

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Facial recognition technology should make checking in at airports easier in the future.

Photo: Lufthansa Group

This is because customers can do their boarding without contact and without further control by airline employees.

This is because customers can do their boarding without contact and without further control by airline employees.

Foto: Getty Images

This new technology is to be used by customers of Swiss ...

This new technology is to be used by customers of Swiss …

Foto: Getty Images

  • Facial recognition at airports is intended to simplify travel for flight passengers.

  • Therefore, Swiss and Lufthansa want to use this new technology with immediate effect.

  • Anyone who is a customer of the “Miles & More” frequent flyer program can now register for the new “Star Alliance Biometrics” platform.

  • This will be introduced for the first time at two airports in November.

When traveling by plane, the waiting at the airport in particular is often tedious and tedious. This usually means standing in line for a long time and waiting until the ground staff has checked the personal documents of all travelers. The Star Alliance, to which airlines like Swiss or Lufthansa belong, now wants to change that, as it does in one Message from Tuesday is called.

This is to be made possible with a new platform called “Star Alliance Biometrics”. The aim is to give passengers the most seamless travel experience possible and avoid long waiting times. To this end, face recognition is being used at selected airports. In this way, customers can carry out their boarding without contact and without further control by the airline’s employees.

Registration now

Customers of the Swiss and Lufthansa frequent flyer program “Miles & More” can now register for the new program. All that is required is the airline’s smartphone app. Customers can take a photo of themselves and confirm their identity with a valid ID. In addition, you must expressly agree that you want to use the new biometrics service in the future.

Anyone who has registered will be recognized by the facial recognition software at the airports that use the new technology by comparing the live image of the passenger with the boarding pass information and the biometric profile. In fact, this also works for customers who wear a mask, it says in the message. This is “an important contribution to health protection in times of Covid-19″. The scanning of the face is therefore not affected by the covering of the mouth and nose.

Forward-looking technology

In addition, there is no need to worry about the security of personal data. All information – including the registered frequent flyer number, up to five pictures, the passport, the PIN number and the security questions – is encrypted and stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud. From the start, great importance was attached to compliance with all applicable data protection laws. For example, the customer name is not saved and therefore cannot be associated with the associated photo.

Swiss and Lufthansa will use the new technology for selected flights for the first time in November. For this purpose, a specific infrastructure will be set up at the Frankfurt and Munich hub airports.

Christina Foerster, Member of the Board of Management for Customer, IT and Corporate Responsibility at the Lufthansa Group, explains: “The subject of biometrics will become increasingly important when traveling in the future. In the Lufthansa Group, biometric offers will increasingly ensure simplified and more efficient processes at airports and thus significantly improve the travel experience of our passengers. ”

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