Evergrande crisis drives safe-haven demand, U.S. dollar climbs higher, yen and Swiss franc rise strongly | Anue

The debt problem of Chinese real estate developer Evergrande set off market panic and drove the demand for hedging.DollarThe major currencies rose on Monday (20th),Japanese YenSwiss francRise, offshoreRenminbiIt was downgraded to a low of nearly a month.

New York late, trackingDollarICE against six major currencies DollarThe index (DXY) rose by 0.025% and remained above 93.

Chinese real estate giant Evergrande has 305 billion in its accountsDollarDebt, the company will have a sum of 83.5 million on ThursdayDollarThe bond interest is due and the market is currently trying to raise funds. The market is worried about the spread of the debt default crisis. Chinese authorities warned on Monday that if Evergrande’s situation fails to stabilize, it may pose broader risks to China’s financial system.

Concerns about Evergrande’s default crisis makeRenminbiIt began to decline after hitting a three-month high last Thursday.DollarAgainstRenminbiMonday at 6.4839 yuan to 1 Dollar, Wells Fargo analyzes and forecasts,DollarAgainstRenminbiIt will rise to 6.6 yuan next month.

In the G10 currency,Japanese YenThe two safe-haven currencies, the Swiss franc, are the only comparisonsDollarStrong currency.Japanese YenAgainstDollarAppreciation 0.58% to 109.32 Japanese Yen

Joe Manimbo, a senior market analyst at Western Union Business Solutions, said: “Until investors can find an orderly solution to the Evergrande incident, funds will continue to flee.Dollar。」

In addition to the Evergrande storm, investors are also paying attention to the decision-making meetings of many central banks this week. The Federal Reserve Bank of America (Fed), the Bank of England (BOE), the Bank of Brazil, the Bank of South Africa, the Bank of Norway, and the Bank of Sweden will all hold decision-making meetings.

GBPrightDollarDepreciated 0.63% to 1.3656 Dollar

Commodity currencyCanadian DollarsAgainstDollarAlso weakened, the lowest hit 1.2895 Canadian Dollars, Is the low point around. Canada will hold a general election, and polls show that the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in the lead, but it is unlikely to lead the ruling party to more than half of the seats in Congress.

CryptocurrencyDownfall,BitcoinFell 7.76% to 43,577.67 Dollar

As of Tuesday (21st) about 6:00 Taiwan time Price:

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