Technology Every player gets free money

Every player gets free money


Rockstar Games is offering Grand Theft Auto online players a little support during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. The team behind GTA Online announced that it would give game currency to all players who sign up for the game in April. It is a one-time GTA $ 500,000 boost sent directly to players’ Maze Bank accounts. However, the display can take up to seven days. It’s just a small thing Rockstar can do to make GTA online players fun in this challenging time.

Of course it’s not the only thing Rock star does to GTA Online-To give players free GTA $ to keep players busy. Announced on Thursday Rockstar Games also hosted a special “Arena War” event. Those participating in Arena Wars will receive three times the total reward. Those who are just starting out in Arena Wars will receive a 50% discount on the Arena workshop and other related discounts. Triple GTA $ and RP rewards make it worth the players.

Triple rewards will also be offered for the duration of the current time trial event: Sawmill and RC Time Trial: La Fuente Blanca. Simeons Premium Deluxe Repo Work, one of the missions of GTA Online, also grants 2x GTA $ and RP for those who want bonus rewards from standard targets.

If that wasn’t all, there are a few more discounts in the game. The Arena Sasquatch vehicle offers an attractive 60% discount, as does the Ocelot Stromberg. With a 50% discount you get the Grotti X80 Proto and with a 40% discount the Invade & Persuade RC Tank and the RC Bandito.

The multiplayer mode from GTA 5 offers enough opportunities to spend the play money

GTA Online offers players many different ways to spend all the free money they will soon receive. Even without the discounts, players will likely have a lot more to make their money disappear.

It just shows that the employees of Rockstar Games are at home but still work hard. New content for GTA Online and Red Dead Online is continuously made available. In addition, the developer is still working on the sequel to GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto 6. It is rumored that it will be released for PlayStation 5 next time, exclusively. An Xbox One and a PC version will follow later.

GTA Online is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



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