Everyone condemns me for making my dream come true

Jody Lee Fox breaks stereotypes about “male” professions

There are still stereotypes in society about women, especially the beautiful, that they cannot do certain things or that once they are beautiful, they have to be models and nothing else.

For example, some believe that a woman should not ride a bus.

Jodie Lee Fox, 24, from the UK, worked as a nurse until her 21st birthday, when she decided to change careers and become a bus driver.

But her desire is not approved by many and they say that she is too beautiful to do this job.

“I quit my job as a nurse because I realized that my passion was going in a different direction,” says Jody.

I have been attracted to buses since I was a child. I always sat in the front behind the driver and watched what he was doing. Now I have realized my dream, but every day I experience a new reaction from passengers, mostly men. “I’m told they’ve never seen such a beautiful woman ride a bus.”

But she also receives such comments from friends, relatives and neighbors:
“I’m told I’m too beautiful to do this job, but I don’t care. I went through a lot of tests and training to get here. Driving a bus is not as easy as people think. “

She says it is difficult to hang out with colleagues at work because everyone is much older than her and is convinced that the profession she has chosen is “only for men”.

Due to her appearance and profession, she became popular on social networks, thus breaking down prejudices about the division of professions into male and female.

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