Everyone’s premiere took place indoor

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So again an “everyone” premiere in the Great Festival Hall, without the genius loci, but with a real “bogeyman of the century”. In the end, Caroline Peters got the most applause alongside Tobias Moretti, who already had the third companion by his side in his fourth year. Nevertheless, this must be called friendly rather than frenetic. However, there was no reason for the frenzy. The spark did not really jump over this evening, the production by Michael Sturminger has not changed much. Moretti in the title role has remained sober-argumentative at the beginning and brooding-desperate from the middle and, if the memory is not deceptive, has added a few small, angry outbursts to his character. Caroline Peters, first in a gold glittering evening dress with a James Bond film appearance and an ironic “Happy Birthday” song on a three-story pink birthday cake, then in a red trouser suit, makes an almost maternal effort to help the grumpy companions feel good again . In the end, she leaves him alone too easily.

Unfortunately, this is not a real “century everyone”. Until August 26th it will be on the Salzburg Festival’s program 13 times, including on August 22nd, exactly 100 years after the first performance on the Domplatz, which is considered the birth of the Festival.



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