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Everything ready for the delivery of the ABC Salud Awards



There is less left for the eleventh edition of the ABC Salud awards. The next December 16At the headquarters of the centennial newspaper, the awards that this year have as protagonists the pandemic, mental health and the social emergency of the volcano will be presented.

The ABC Salud Awards, which each year recognize the work of institutions, professionals and companies in the healthcare world, will have the sponsorship of AMA and Asisa, and the collaboration of ANEFP.

The winners have been chosen as in all editions by a prestigious jury, chaired by Ana Pastor, vice president of Congress and former Minister of Health. They have been part of it: Cristóbal Belda, director of the Carlos III Health Institute; the director of the National Transplant Organization, Beatriz Domínguez; Emilio Bouza, founder of the Spanish Society of Microbiology; Emili Esteve, director of the technical department of Farmaindustria; Federico de Montalvo, president of the Bioethics Committee of Spain and the editor-in-chief of the ABC Society, Nuria Ramírez de Castro.

These are the winners:

Doctor of the Year: Psychiatrist Celso Arango

Celso Arango is president of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and director of the Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid.

Promoter of Child Psychiatry in Spain is one of the most recognized experts in his specialty. The jury has awarded his recognized care and research career, as well as his work during the pandemic. In this health crisis, he has led and coordinated international initiatives on the effects on mental health of the pandemic and has implemented specialized care devices for both Covid patients and health professionals themselves.

Best drug: Comirnaty

The jury highlighted the titanic effort of the companies Pfizer and BioNTech to develop a vaccine that has proven its effectiveness in a global emergency situation. The RNA technology used has meant a “paradigm shift” in disease prevention that will transcend the new coronavirus that has brought the planet down.

Public Hospital: Hospital Isabel Zendal

A unique hospital model that has given rise to a new versatile healthcare concept. Built in record time, it allowed to decongest the rest of the hospitals in the Community of Madrid and serve more than 8,000 patients with Covid-19 since December 2020. The jury not only recognizes the work of the health workers who, from different centers, were an example of coordination but the project in its entirety with all the professionals who have made it possible.

Private Hospital: HM Hospitales

An innovative project -Covid Data Save Lives- is awarded, which has made the HM Hospitales Group the first and only hospital group to make a clinical and anonymized database available to the scientific community with all the information available on patients with Covid -19 attended in their centers. Almost two years later, it is a tool used for free and disinterestedly by health agents and research projects.

Healthcare technology: ECMO system (Getinge)

This respiratory and circulatory mechanical assistance therapy, used for years in organ transplantation, has been the last therapeutic resort for seriously ill Covid patients who did not respond to other treatments. Without ECMO, many patients who have survived these two years would never have been saved.

Nursing: Liaison with the residences of La Paz

The Covid crisis led to the start-up of the Liaison Geriatrics units. The nursing project of the La Paz, Cantoblanco and Carlos III hospitals is an example of how nursing can cover all the deficiencies in health care that institutionalized elderly have despite being complex patients. “We all have an unpaid debt to our elders after the pandemic,” said the jury.

Pharmacy: Attention in La Palma

It is the only category in which the award is shared with two disparate initiatives: the digitization of pharmaceutical care at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid and the work of pharmacists in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the face of the social emergency on La Palma. The members of the jury recognize the technical value of the pharmaceutical telecare project that monitors chronically ill patients, as well as the “ethical and supportive” response of the College of Pharmacists of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has made it possible to take care of the island’s patients in a crisis like that of the volcano eruption.

Health Foundation: Cris against Cancer

This foundation was born ten years ago with the purpose of promoting cancer research and bringing the most innovative treatments to patients. Since then, it has led to the launch of 53 lines of research and more than 350 clinical trials.

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