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The 67th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool in 2023. In the first ESC semi-final, 15 acts were on stage, ten qualified for the grand final on Saturday.

Ten of the 15 acts in the first semi-final have qualified for the final on May 13th. In addition to the participating semi-final countries, Germany, France and Italy also voted in the first semi as the so-called Big Five countries.

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In the first ESC semi-final, ten more acts qualified for the final. Including Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. more

These ten acts are in the 2023 ESC final

Eliminated in the first ESC semi-final

Rita Ora and Aljosha as interval acts in the first semi

Rita Ora appeared as a guest star in the first ESC semi-final. The British singer with Kosovo-Albanian roots performed a medley of her greatest hits and her current song “Praising You” during the voting phase. The former Ukrainian ESC participant also performed Alyosha up. She told her personal story with a re-imagining of the Duran-Duran hit “Ordinary World.” Her performance was accompanied by Liverpool singer Rebecca Ferguson.

Tickets for the ESC shows in Liverpool

Ticket sales started on March 7th at 1 p.m. (CET). All ESC shows are actually sold out. Further ticket sales are currently not planned. Tickets were only available through Ticketmaster UK and cost between £30 and £290 for the semi-final shows and between £80 and £380 for the final shows. Since April 24, however, there are still remaining tickets available in advance. As every year, the EBU warns all fans not to buy tickets for the ESC shows on the black market or via anything other than the official online ticket platform. These cards are usually not only overpriced, but they could also be counterfeit and therefore not valid.

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New rules for the ESC semi-finals

As of this year, the jury in the ESC semi-final shows is abolished. Only the televoting decides which acts move into the final – ten from the first and ten from the second semi-final. Which country starts in which semi-final was drawn on January 31 in the so-called Allocation Draw in Liverpool. The starting order was determined by the show’s producers based on dramaturgical aspects and announced on March 22nd.

Further information

The team at Liverpool.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann

Our local team in Liverpool guessed who would not make it to the final ahead of the first semi-final. Who was right? more

Participants in the first semi-final: Latvia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and Croatia (montage).  © eurovision.tv/EBU/SRF Photo: Andris Barbans / ČT / Charli Ljung / Lukas Mäder / Franko Kelam

15 countries and their acts were in the first ESC semi-final. Our voting is complete. Here are your favourites. more

Sweden and Finland are the favorites of the year (Montage).  © EBU Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett

Sweden and Finland are currently the favorites for the ESC victory in 2023. The German act Lord Of The Lost is in a good midfield. more

The ESC trophy 2023 (the stage can be seen in the background) © eurovision.tv Photo: Corinne Cumming

German commentary, original sound, audio description or sign language: Overview of all live streams for ESC 2023. more

The 2023 ESC final stage in Liverpool © BBC Photo: Nick Robinson

On the radio, TV and online: there are many programs related to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Overview of all shows and live streams. more

Two fans have masked and dressed up.  © Eurovision.tv Photo: Andres Putting

Many public viewings also take place at the ESC. Organizers have to register their events and observe a few points. more

Liverpool © Colourbox/Editorial Photo: Phil Bird

Football and music – that’s what Liverpool lives for. And there’s a lot more here than just the Beatles. A portrait of the host city of the ESC 2023. more

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