Everything you need to know about the Covid Christmas Bonus: the amounts, beneficiaries and dates | Economy

The Government provided more details regarding the Covid Christmas Bonus, an allocation that will reach more than 3.4 million families in December, making up a total of 8.2 million people.

To access the benefit no special application is required, since the payment will be automatic for households that received the sixth contribution from the Emergency Family Income (IFE).

When will it be paid?

The Covid Christmas Bonus will be paid before Christmas, starting on December 21.

How much money will it be and who will receive it?

The voucher will be received by households whose address registered in the Social Household Registry has been in phase 1 of the Step by Step plan, that is, total quarantine during the week of November 24 to 30. The amount for them will be $55.000 for each member.

Thus, for example, a family of 10 members will receive $ 550,000.

The benefit will be extended to 27 communes between the Bío Bío and Magallanes regions that have been in step 1 of total quarantine, at least one day during the last week of November.

-Bio bio region: Coronel, Cañete and Lota.

-La Araucanía: Father Las Casas, Temuco, Cholchol, Freire, Lautaro and Traiguén.

-The rivers: Futrono, La Unión, Los Lagos, Valdivia and Lago Ranco.

-The lakes: Ancud, Calbuco, Chonchi, Los Muermos, Puerto Montt, Osorno, Puqueldón, Queilén, Quemchi, Maullín and Hualaihué.

-Magallanes: Natales and Punta Arenas.

But there is more …

The beneficiaries of the sixth IFE contribution domiciled in communes in the phases 2, 3 and 4 of the Step by Step plan, they will also receive the bonus: $ 25,000 for each member of the family group. In this case, for example, a family of 4 will receive $ 100,000.


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