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Evgeny Mironov celebrates 55th anniversary

The People’s Artist admitted that he does not like to celebrate birthdays.

Evgeny Mironov. Photo: Globallookpress.com

Evgeny Mironov Celebrates 55 years on November 29. Like most creative people who are sincerely passionate about their work, he sees real happiness in many ways in work.

Since 2006 Evgeniy Mironov directs the State Theater of Nations and at the same time serves as an actor in it.

“Everyone is happy here! There is no intrigue, no envy, because the artists do not sit for years, do not wait for roles, do not smoke in the dressing rooms. They come here to work, “- said the people’s artist on the channel “Russia 1”.

Eugene passes each of his roles through himself, tries to understand. Why did his hero do exactly that and not otherwise? This is also required of the artists. Perhaps that is why his theater is successful not only in Russia, but all over the world.

Evgeny Mironov as a child with his parents. Photo: instagram.com/emironovofficial/

“I don’t like to celebrate my birthdays. I prefer to do something more useful. For example, to rehearse an upcoming premiere. On the other hand, this is a reason to remember and thank you. So – I am grateful to fate for everything! And for the ups and downs! For advances and discoveries! For wise teachers and loyal friends!

For dear people! For love and for faith in me! For your love and recognition! I’m a happy person! Well … I warned, again about my beloved. Everything. Basta. Until next, new! I hug everyone who wants to “, – wrote in his personal blog Eugene Mironov on your birthday.

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