Evidence against Saab is uncovered this week: lawyer

Camilo Bocanegra, Alex Saab’s new lawyer in Colombia, announced on Monday that this week the material discovery of the evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office has against the indicated figurehead of Nicolás Maduro will be made.

“We’re pending the discovery of the evidence and in parallel the defense conducts forensic audits, like the Prosecutor’s Office. These have been in the hands of the Dijin, who appears in the case as a judicial police officer, “the defender told the newspaper ‘El Tiempo’.

On trial preparatory hearing against the Colombian, imprisoned in Cape Verde and requested in extradition by the United States, indicated that “It will be for mid-November.”

He too lawyer for the former paramilitary chief of the ‘José Pablo Díaz’ Front, Édgar Ignacio Fierro, alias Don Antonio, He further stated that the prosecuting body only called Saab and its accountant, Devis Mendoza, to trial and precluded the investigation of the others indicated at the beginning of belonging to the money laundering scheme of the Caracas regime: Róbinson Ruiz and Julio César Ruiz.


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