“Evusheld” prevents covids with symptoms 83%, the doctor raised the case, received the drug to increase the high immunity.

“Doctor Manu” Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong or respiratory specialist Wichaiyut Hospital Facebook post Mor Manoon Leechawengwong FC some immunocompromised patients cannot be immune to viruses Covid19 Even if vaccinated against disease COVID Complete doses and get vaccinated stimulation needle and have been infected with the coronavirus naturally This group of people can be infected with COVID-19. over and over again and become seriously ill while “Evusheld” Can stay in the blood for up to 6 months, can prevent infection with the Covid-19 virus. with 83% of symptoms

Take, for example, a 67-year-old patient who received two doses of astrazeneca vaccine and boosted with Pfizer vaccine. infected with virus COVID 2 times within 19 days After the second infection, blood levels of antibodies against the thorn protein SARS-CoV2 IgG (Anti Spike) found only 8 AU/ml, which is very low because the patient had had lymphoma and was on rituximab. Lymphoma treatment: Rituximab decreases the number of B lymphocytes that make antibodies.

patient “Evusheld” The finished antibody, long acting, Long Acting Antibody, which consists of 2 types of antibodies: Tixagevimab and Cilgavimab 1.5 ml intramuscular injection into the right and left hips each side. No side effects from the drug. After 2 days of injection, blood levels of antibodies to the spinal protein SARS-CoV2 IgG (Anti Spike) were tested. The level of immunity to the virus COVID up to 10,927 AU/ml

drug “Evusheld” Can stay in the blood for up to 6 months, can prevent infection with the virus. Covid19 symptomatic form can be 83%, those with indications for use “Evusheld” including dialysis patients organ transplant patients cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy people who take amphetamine high doses of steroids and autoimmune diseases, consider vaccinating for this group of people who have received at least 3 doses of the coronavirus vaccine and measure their antibody immunity. IgG in the blood does not increase in spiny protein, aged 12 years and over and weighing more than 40 kg.

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