Ewan McGregor has a Chilean relative and met the earthquake at an inn in Puerto Montt

Do you want another reason to justify your affection for Ewan McGregor? Thanks to the new travel program that the actor made for Apple TV + we just learned a couple more reasons that will likely ensure the place of Obi-Wan’s interpreter in their hearts.

It turns out that even though we all know that McGregor is Scottish and there is even requests for his work to be honored there, the actor recently revealed that has a Chilean relative.

In an interview with the newspaper The latest news about the premiere of Long Way Up, McGregor reported that his great-grandfather was born in Chile.

“A great-great-grandfather, who was Scottish, left for Chile in the late 1800s. He was an engineer and traveled there to help North American engineers in the construction of railways”, the actor told LUN.He married in Chile and the couple had a son. Finally the father died and his Chilean son returned to Glasgow, Scotland, a country he did not know. He worked as a wine importer and also in the Chilean consulate in Scotland ”.

According to LUN, McGregor’s Chilean relative was named John McIndoe and he was born in Chile in 1884. However, this curious story of the actor is not as happy as it seems.

In his own story McGregor specified that the mother of his great-grandfather, the woman who married his great-great-grandfather, passed away on the way to Scotland.

“But now comes a very sad story, he (McGregor’s great-grandfather) arranged a trip for his mother to travel from Chile to Scotland. But unfortunately she passed away during the trip, while the ship was crossing the Strait of Magellan, which was very sad for our family ”, the actor said.

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But despite his family’s sad past, McGregor eventually came to Chile to film. Long Way Up, the documentary series where he travels the world on a motorcycle with Charley Boorman.

In that context, the actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequels of Star Wars Not only did he visit places like Torres del Paine and Puerto Octay, but he also met one of the most popular drinks in Chile in recent times: the mythical Earthquake.

As a video that began to circulate on social media shortly after McGregor’s interview shows, the actor attended an inn in Puerto Montt during the National Holidays that happened in Chile. All obviously before the pandemic.

In this context, as it was portrayed in Long Way Up, the actor of Trainspotting he met the drink that mixes pineapple, pipeño and grenadine ice cream, danced, tasted an empanada, and was amazed by the friendly drunks.

McGregor remembered his time in Chile in a good way, so he probably did not take an Earthquake or it did not hit him that hard.

“I loved Chile too much, I found the people super friendly, all trying to help us. And the landscapes are really wonderful ”, the actor pointed out.

“We almost froze in Punta Arenas, although the hotel where we stayed had the most beautiful view that I had during my stay ”, added. “From my window I could see the Strait of Magellan.”

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