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There will be a follow-up to the program Burgwallen office in which presenter Ewout Genemans walks with a police force. The new series goes Office 040 and is recorded in Eindhoven RTL Boulevard announced on Thursday.

Genemans, who came up with the program himself, is happy to have the opportunity to make a second season. “We really showed how much fun the police work is and what else is involved,” says the presenter.

It is not yet known from when Office 040 can be seen on RTL, but Genemans says that the recordings will start this weekend, during carnival. “During carnival there is certainly enough to do for the police. I am curious”, says Genemans.

From the first series Burgwallen office eight episodes were made in which Genemans took to the streets of the center of Amsterdam with police officers. The series provides an insight into the work of the police in large cities.



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