Ex- «First Daughter» in Transition – The Deep Fall of Ivanka Trump

Problems can be solved with money, those who create dependencies are successful, but above all the family is: Ivanka Trump grew up with this worldview. This will now be her undoing.

For years she has benefited from addictions and a supposedly glamorous name. Now they are pulling down those addictions and the soiled name: Ivanka Trump during an event in the rose garden of the White House.

Photo: Keystone

According to everything you can hear, she is now in Florida with her husband Jared and their three children Arabella, Joseph and Theodore: They are said to have bought a property for 31 million US dollars. The father and stepmother do not live far away, and the older brother should also plan to pitch his tents here. The sun has been shining in the “Sunshine State” for days, always a pleasant 25 degrees, plus a mild breeze.

Those who move here often want to retire after a busy life, many golf courses, even more pools, ideal for keeping your circulation stable with aqua aerobics and for allowing yourself to drift a little. It’s a good place to go down a few gears. But is it a good place for Ivanka Trump too?

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