Ex-GZSZ star Jasmin Tawil is back in Germany

Updated April 6, 2020, 4:11 p.m.

After a long time abroad and a tiring return trip, the former GZSZ actress and singer Jasmin Tawil is back in Germany. The chaotic conditions in the USA due to the corona crisis were too delicate for Tawil: “I was afraid.”

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At the weekend, Jasmin Tawil and her son Ocean landed at Frankfurt Airport after turbulent days. The 37-year-old spoke to the “Bild” newspaper about her travel odyssey: “I am so happy to be back in Germany. The situation in the United States had become too uncertain due to the corona crisis.”

Pop singer Adel Tawil’s ex-wife had returned to her adopted home of Maui in Hawaii after working as a nanny with a family in Los Angeles, but apparently had no permanent home there and desperately contacted the German embassy.

Jasmin Tawil: Awesome return trip to Germany

“I didn’t see a real future for myself and Ocean there. Life in Hawaii is insanely expensive anyway, and the uncertain situation too. I was afraid,” said Tawil of “Bild”.

After several days of waiting and financial support from friends, she and her baby got a seat on a federal government return plane from Los Angeles. In total, their journey home took just under four days.

“Ocean and I got through the trip well, but I’m reluctant to fly, I’m generally afraid of flying. I thought we couldn’t make it back home.” Despite a hard return trip, the two were fine and were able to leave the airport immediately.

After separating from Adel Tawil in 2014, Jasmin Tawil traveled around the world, trained as a yoga teacher and tried to become a music producer. She later settled in Maui, where her child’s father lives, who gave birth to her in 2019. (dms)
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As of today, the “Good Times, Bad Times” set in Berlin, as well as “Unter uns” in Cologne, will be shooting again.


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