Ex-husband has an affair with domestic violence and wants to bring two children to find a short female teacher: All suffering is a blessing for makeup |

Chen Yiwen is a gentle and graceful female teacher, but has a serious domestic violence husband. She once took two children to try to find a short time. The children said “I want to go home!” and she was shocked, “I should give my children a better home.” !”

After a scarred marriage, Chen Yiwen is now strong and optimistic, and has been invited to the Lixin Foundation to preach, encouraging more women to love themselves “As long as you are willing to work hard, you are not afraid that there is no way!”

Risk your life to produce

Chen Yiwen accepts the largest female fitness community in Taiwan“Strong muscles”Interview and share this story of turning suffering into blessing.

Due to hereditary hypertension in the family, the doctor ordered that Chen Yiwen was not suitable for childbirth. But for love, Chen Yiwen still tried her best to get pregnant, endured pregnancy toxemia during pregnancy, and gave birth to two children.

Every time Chen Yiwen gives birth, the doctor always prescribes anticoagulant drugs at the beginning, but the side effect is that he may have a major bleeding after delivery. Sure enough, after the second child has given birth, the bleeding in the hospital on the same day is too late to change the sheets, and the bed full of blood is on duty. The doctors and nurses panicked.

In order to love to fight his life, the ex-husband only laughed at Chen Yiwen, who gained weight after childbirth, with a contemptuous tone and staring eyes: “Do you want to look down by yourself, can you see your own toes?”

Make you unable to live

Five years ago, because her ex-husband had an affair with domestic violence and all kinds of verbal and physical violence, apart from applying for a protection order, Chen Yiwen had to gritted her teeth and took the child out of the terrible residence, buying a house and tidying up the house alone, in order to let her mother and her three One can have a place to settle down.

However, this is not far from danger. In order to fight for the custody of the child, the other party went to the school where Chen Yiwen teaches and made a lot of noise, fabricated false lies and accused her of the Education Bureau; threatened that if Chen Yiwen’s chief did not manage her, he would then sue the education. The whole thing is to keep me out of work and unable to survive.

Chen Yiwen once took a scarred child and wanted to go to the beach to find short lives, but because of the child’s words “I don’t want to be here, I want to go home!” and because of the child’s words, “I don’t want to be here, I want to go home!” To everything.

To be a strong mother

After giving birth to two boys, the body’s metabolic function decreased with age. Even if you don’t eat or drink, you will still gain weight. The stress in your heart has led to a continuous decline in all aspects of your body’s functions.

After the divorce, Chen Yiwen took the child alone while going to work. Because the other party did not pay the child’s support at all, he could only work hard to do more classes. When he came home, he just wanted to lie on the sofa and rest, and his body was so out of shape that he even looked at himself in the mirror. Unwilling.

However, the words of her ex-husband’s contempt for her postpartum figure have been haunting her heart. She looked at the two children and determined to become a stronger mother. With the courage and perseverance, she began to be willing to change.

Although working hours and part-time classes are still long, they can’t resist the determination to change. After the children have eaten their dinner, she takes the children to the aerobic classroom close to home. The aerobic classroom is equipped with a waiting space for children to play, allowing her to go upstairs with peace of mind.

Body fat 40 to 20

After a year and a half of persistence, from twice a week to almost one hour of exercise every day, Chen Yiwen started to lose one 10 kg and two 10 kg from nearly 90 kg, and before leaving the aerobic classroom, he had already lost 25 kg. , Also began to understand the concepts of how to eat healthy, 168 diet, body fat is more important than weight.

This year, Chen Yiwen moved to another gym to start weight training in order to match the child’s school time. The first time I joined the gym to do the body-fitting results surprised me. From 40% body fat two years ago to 20% now, The weight has also lost about 26 kilograms. In the future, I hope to reduce the third 10 kilograms.

#Take the kids to break through

In the past, Chen Yiwen’s family was reported as a high-risk family because of domestic violence. Social workers from different units often visited Chen Yiwen’s home. She was unwilling to take her children out to the park, fearing that others’ inadvertent eyes would stab her.

In the summer vacation 3 years ago, she told herself, “If you can take your children to travel abroad on a self-help trip, there will be no difficulties that will stump me in the future!” That year, she took a small one and small class children to Tokyo on a self-guided trip for 9 days. Love Feel like breaking through yourself!

From then on, Chen Yiwen must take the children out for wandering for half a month during the winter and summer vacations, and the mother-child journey will travel to Northeast Japan and Hokkaido. This year, when I can’t go abroad, I will have fun on the outlying islands. Yihua East, Ludao, and Lanyu, the mother and child will complete the 5K marathon challenge, the next one will challenge 12K, and the half marathon will be challenged again in October.

So I can be so courageous

A few years ago, any vision and a few words were enough to easily knock Chen Yiwen down. Now she can proudly raise her head and say, “Single parents, in fact, I really don’t worry.”

“It turns out that I can be so courageous. Fortunately, I still have so many people who love me.” Single parents are tired of single parents, and both parents have difficulties. But the self-confidence and contentment aroused by children seeing their mothers during this journey are unexpected learning and gains in life.

Now and in the future, she keeps reminding herself to live “not to worry about children”, which is the best blessing to the children in this life.

Through strengthening, she also wants to encourage more people:

There is no hurdle in life, all sufferings are the blessings of makeup. Rather than sinking in an environment of constant fear and worry, long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. As long as you are willing to work hard to move forward, you are not afraid that there is no way.

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