Ex-teammate of Arturo Vidal in FC Barcelona told the reasons for the Chilean’s departure

Nelson Semedo, ex-teammate of Arturo Vidal in FC Barcelona and current Wolverhampton Wanderers defender, He told details of the departure of “King” from the Spanish team.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, the Portuguese commented on their situation that “they explained to me that they had some financial problems and that I was one of the players who could go to give the club money. “

Semedo He confessed that other players experienced something similar, such as Arturo Vidal. “There were many others in my position, (Luis) Suárez, (Arturo) Vidal and Ivan Rakitić. With this now (the covid-19 pandemic), all the clubs have financial problems, “he said.

“All the clubs are not that strong financially because they don’t have fans in the stadium.n Barcelona, ​​people couldn’t even enter the museum “he added.

Finally, he pointed out that “anything can happen in football, but I was a little surprised that they let me go. It was a very good decision to join the Wolves and I didn’t have to think twice. “


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