Ex-wife Dr. Dre demands access to former joint house through court | NOW

Nicole Young, the ex-wife of Dr. Dre, has filed documents in court to gain access to their former home in Brentwood. She wants this to check whether all her personal belongings are still there and in good condition, says TMZ.

According to Young, she rushed out of the villa in April 2020 with only a suitcase full of things because Dr. Dre was drunk at the time and scolded her.

So most of her property is still in the matrimonial home. This would involve expensive designer shoes and bags, a lot of vintage clothing and twenty fur coats that are kept at the right temperature in a special climate chamber.

Since she left, Young says she has seen several women post photos and videos of her former home on social media. Some women posed with her expensive Chanel boots. Dr. Dre would often throw parties at home, which Young finds annoying since strangers can get to her stuff.

Fight divorce

The two have been engaged in a fighting divorce for months. The rapper and producer has, with his music career and electronics brand Beats By Dr. Dre has built up a fortune of about $ 820 million. Young wants half of that. The couple is not yet formally divorced.

Until the divorce is finalized, Dr. Dre for his ex and her mother’s living expenses, plus nearly three tons a month in alimony. She wanted to increase that to 2 million per month, but the musician has refused. He did, however, promise her a one-off extra of $ 2 million last month.


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