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Exatlón México: Zudikey Rodríguez, does he uncover problems in the RED team ?; tell the truth

This week, Zudikey Rodriguez he unexpectedly returned to Exatlon Mexico as reinforcement for the red team, which could be presenting internal problems. To end the rumors, it was the same athlete who revealed how she finds the group she has just joined.

The Olympic sprinter is not inexperienced in this competition, because she already has been twice, in which he has stood out for having a lot of discipline and physical and mental ability. The reason why He has not been able to win the reality show, it is because he has a curse, assure the fans, who trust that this time it will reach the final.

The athlete gave an interview for the program de Venga La Alegría (VLA) Weekend, where it revealed how is the red team. During the conversation I cannot avoid the comparisons with his previous group in which he was also Aristeo Cázares and Mati Álvarez, who today are hosts of the morning program of Tv Azteca.

How is the red team?

Zudikey He said he returned to the competition to guide the red team, so that he can be strong and courageous as in other editions, as he recalled that there are many contestants who are new and who are still adapting to the harsh pace of life.

Prior to their entry, the spectators had observed egos and some friction like the ones he had Gabriela espinosa. Against this background, Rodríguez denied it and stated that they are a very united group that they are willing to work as a team, since otherwise they could affect everyone else.

“I do not know if they have previously had a conversation where they have to function as a team, because we well know that you must understand the Exatlon at this time as that it must walk as a team, here there are no individualisms, whoever wants to work as an individual goes to lose definitively, “he said.

In the meantime, VLA drivers they joked a bit and They assured that it was she who put the order so that everyone would work together, to which the athlete replied that the reds are willing to collaborate, Well, he even revealed that many of them join his trainings.

Finally, Zudikey admitted that she feels homesick and that she sometimes wants to cry, because she remembers the moments she spent with her other classmates. However, he assured that he tries to stay strong to cheer on the red team.


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