Excellent results from CanSino, the Chinese vaccine that is being tested in the south of the country

In the Faculty of Sciences of the Austral University of Valdivia, the Minister of Science, Andrés Couve, together with the Mayor of the Los Ríos region, César Asenjo, and the Seremi de Ciencia de la Macrozona Sur, Olga Barbosa, met with the team leading the clinical trial of the canadian chinese vaccine CanSino Biologics in the south of our country.

The meeting was attended by the director of the Institute of Medicine of the Austral University and a member of the Covid19 Vaccine Scientific Advisory Council; Dr. Mario Calvo; the director of the CanSino clinical study and academic of the University of the Border, Dr. Fernando Lanas; together with other collaborators, volunteers of the study.

Minister Couve highlighted that this is the scientific collaboration with the largest number of volunteers from the four clinical trials of COVID19 vaccines in Chile. “These scientific teams are contributing directly to the development and continuous improvement of vaccines from regional science,” he said.

Through a release, CanSino Biologics announced this Wednesday that the National Administration of Medical Products of China (NMPA) is processing the request sent by the company to commercialize its vaccine in other countries and reported that the development has a 65.28% efficacy to prevent all symptoms of Covid-19 and 95.47% to prevent serious cases.

The Minister of Science thanked “more than 3,400 volunteers who have joined this clinical trial and that they are making a valuable contribution to give technical support to vaccines, learn about how they work in our population and participate in their improvements ”.

The Minister of Science, Andrés Couve, during his visit to the team leading the clinical trial of the Canadian Chinese vaccine CanSino Biologics in the south of our country.

Together with our country, the vaccine trial of CanSino gathers more than 40 thousand volunteers in countries like China, Mexico and Argentina. In that sense, the Mayor César Asenjo, highlighted “the work that has allowed the Ministry of Science to articulate and link with the Ministry of Health and the academic community at a global level, the possibility of having different vaccines in our territory today. We are going to continue working together with Seremi Olga Barbosa who has collaborated in this pandemic in different subjects, in the field of strengthening academia, research, and today with applied science ”.

Regarding the importance of this clinical trial in Chile, Calvo highlighted that “The presentation of this vaccine for the realization of a clinical trial arose from the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Science. In this pandemic we have learned that we can work and generate group ties that give us a possibility of development and scientific impact much higher than we had. This trial has allowed us to have data, flexibility and knowledge to be sure of what we are delivering to citizens. It is a scientific development that will be useful for improving the condition of the population in the face of the pandemic ”.

During the visit, the authorities also toured the laboratory AUSTRAL-omics, the Biotechnology Innovation Unit of the Faculty of Sciences of the UACh. “Thanks to the talent and capabilities installed in our region, the Austral University team has managed to build a world-class laboratory for research and services, Austral-Omics. From here, outstanding scientific contributions have been made that have been adapted to the needs of the pandemic, such as the sequencing of the virus to monitor new variants of SARS-CoV-2 and the already known contribution to the diagnostic network and active surveillance. of cases, “said the Seremi de Ciencia, Olga Barbosa.

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