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Aukey is a Chinese brand that manages to stand out from the crowd. Founded in 2011, it offers many accessories and other external batteries. If the prices charged correspond to entry level, the products are often very good bills. Far from what one might expect given the price charged. This observation makes that Aukey stands out easily and manages to seduce many users.

The brand recently offers new headphones True Wireless strangely resembling AirPods Pro. Priced at € 33.99, these EP-T21S look promising on paper. What about once the headphones are in the ears? The answer in our test !

Getting to know the EP-T21S wireless headphones

The similarity with the Apple model and clearly assumed by Aukey. This True Wireless model is also available in white. IPX6 certified, they are water resistant (without being able to be submerged). They are therefore protected from perspiration during a sports session. The two ear cups, which can be used separately, have touch controls. A simple touch allows you to pause, resume reading or answer or reject an incoming call. A double tap on the right earphone will skip to the next song. The same on the one on the left allows you to skip to the previous track.

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As usual, Aukey offers sober packaging with ecological packaging: unbleached recycled cardboard and recycled plastic bags. The box contains the headphones, the charging case, three pairs of silicone ear tips (S / M / L), a small USB-A to USB-C cable, a user manual, a getting started guide fast and a 24 month warranty card.

The contents of the Aukey EP-TS21S box

Here is also a small unboxing Aukey EP-TS21S:

Using the Aukey headphones

First of all, you have to pair the headphones with your device. In our case, we performed the operation on an Android smartphone. The procedure is classic and fast. Bluetooth 5.0 connection (AAC, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP) goes smoothly.

Once the first pairing is done, just take the headphones out of their case for the connection to be made automatically in a few seconds. A sound in each earpiece confirms the connection. Small disappointment all the same, this sound is rather strident and unpleasant when the earpiece is already in the ear. We would have preferred a more quiet sound or a recorded voice. But hey, this is just a detail 😉 We did not notice any loss of signal, the Bluetooth link is very stable. A good point.

The touchscreen responds extremely well and is effective in use. The touch responds even too well. Thus, during repositioning in the ear, it is common to activate a command inadvertently. It is then advisable to grasp the ear by the end to avoid this problem.

The built-in microphones (MEMS technology with reduced background noise) work correctly. During a call, the correspondent can hear us clearly. Nothing to say on this point.

As for the charging case, its small size (7 cm x 3.4 x 3 cm) allows it to easily slip into any pocket. The atria are placed very easily thanks to a magnetic system. The case cover, also magnetic, closes with a “click” without the risk of opening if it is turned over. On a daily basis, the set is very easy to use 🙂

Note also that Aukey does not offer an application dedicated to EP-T21S. If this is not a problem in itself, it means that any adjustments to an equalizer will have to be done using a third-party application, or directly in the various applications that you use.

Sound quality and autonomy

Now let’s come to the EP-T21S sound quality. As we can imagine, this is the main element that we expect around the corner. Of course, you shouldn’t expect the quality of a pair of AirPods Pro with a model of this price. So, what about the quality after placing the ear cups in its cups? Well that’s a great surprise! The dynamic 6mm speakers do the job very well, although we regret the absence of the APT-X codec. The sound is well balanced, with very present bass. The mediums are also quite distinct. Only treble lacks a bit of precision. If the best quality is audible at 50% of the volume, the whole still holds the road at 80% of the volume (which is more than sufficient, even with a significant external sound environment). Only downside, there is a very slight latency. But there again, the whole is extremely homogeneous and the overall sound rendering is perfectly coherent. The quality of these headphones is a very pleasant surprise!

As for autonomy, Aukey announces 5 hours with the possibility of carrying out 5 recharges with the box. In theory, therefore, 30 hours of autonomy are achieved. In actuality, at 70% sound volume, we hit just over four hours on a charge. Or nearly 25 hours with the box. In short, we have something to see coming 😉

charge EP-T21S

EP-T21S fully charged in their case

Also good, fast charging using the USB-A / USB-C cable only takes 2 hours. The 4 small LEDs on the front indicate the charge level of the box. Convenient !

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