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Lima, January 21, 2021Updated on 01/21/2021 03:00 pm

He dollar price in Peru it rose in the day of this Thursday amid the intervention of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) to contain a sharp rise in the US currency.

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At the end of operations, the exchange rate It was quoted at S / 3,627 in the interbank market, an increase of 0.27% compared to the S / 3,617 at the end of Wednesday, according to data from the BCR.

The monetary authority was forced to intervene three times in the session due to the appreciation of the greenback through exchange swaps sale for S / 200 million over 6 months, at an average rate of 0.22%; for S / 102 million at 6 months, at an average rate of 0.25% and for S / 80 million at 6 months, at an average rate of 0.24%.

The rise in the US currency would be linked to the fall in the international price of copper, the country’s main export metal, and upon maturity of BCR instruments.

The markets of the region showed an erratic behavior amid the global fall of the dollar and the expectations that the stimuli raised by the new American president, Joe Biden, will help cushion the damage of the coronavirus in the world’s largest economy.

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Optimism for the new presidency of U.S it maintained generalized increases in riskier assets, which favored some currencies and bags in Latin America.

Many analysts expect the dollar to continue its downtrend, losing nearly 7% in 2020, amid ultra-expansive US monetary policy and hopes for a global recovery after the US pandemic is over COVID-19.

In the parallel market or exchange houses of Lima, the exchange rate was quoted at S / 3,610 for the purchase and S / 3,635 for the sale.

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