Exchange rate: How much is the dollar trading during the morning of this Thursday, November 19?

The price of the dollar, during the morning of this Thursday, November 19, it is traded at S/ 3.57 at the interbank level.

On Wednesday Bloomberg indicated that the US currency fell about 0.83% in the Peruvian market, after having reached the highest price in 18 years during the past week.

The price reported greater political stability, and the rise in the international price of copper.

With this result, a growth of 7.79% is accumulated in the Peruvian market, according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

In yesterday’s session, banks they bought the dollar at a maximum price of S / 3.55 and sold it at up to S / 3.67.

For their part, the money changers bought the greenback from a average of S / 3.56 and sold it at S / 3.60.

It should be remembered that this morning the green ticket does not yet report any change in the Peruvian market, but the price will change as soon as the exchange session begins today at approximately 9:00 am.


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