Exchange rate: Price of the dollar falls again before expectations by the cabinet of ministers

The price of the dollar fell to S / 3.57 at the close of this Wednesday, November 18, according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

According to Bloomberg, today’s price is 0.83% lower to what was recorded last day.

This result occurs in the midst of a context of greater political stability after the election of Francisco Sagasti as Republic President.

Furthermore, the aRise in the international price of copper and the best prospects for economic recovery China also influenced the decline in the price of the dollar.

How much can it cost you?

According to the portal qué, Banks buy the dollar at a maximum price of S / 3.55 and sell it at up to S / 3.67.

In the parallel market the green ticket the purchase price is S / 3.56 and the sale price is S / 3.60.


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