Exchange rate: Price of the dollar in Peru closed higher amid expectations for the vote of confidence

Today, Friday August 27, the exchange rate in Peru closed the week with an upward trend, according to data from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

At the close of the day the The price of the dollar was S / 4.083 at the interbank level, 0.36% more than what was recorded yesterday when the green ticket It was trading at S / 4.07.

The price of the dollar was volatile since the opening of the exchange session, when it fell to S / 4.05 due to international factors.

Globally, the dollar backed down after the chairman of the Federal Reserve USAJerome Powell will indicate that they will begin to reduce their monetary stimulus program only at the end of the year.

However, in Peru the expectations of investors for the confidence vote al Ministerial Cabinet of Guido Bellido caused the greenback to rise again.

To stop this increase in the price of the dollar, the BCR it intervened in the foreign exchange market selling US $ 5 million and placing exchange swaps for S / 340 million in two auctions, repos to provide dollars for US $ 94 million and interest rate swaps for S / 550 million in two auctions.

Price of the dollar in the parallel market

The money changers they buy the dollar at S / 4,055 and they sell it at S / 4.10, according to information from the platform qué

While in the banks the purchase price is between S / 3.98 and S / 4.05, and the sale price is between S / 4.11 and S / 4.19.

In addition, in online exchange houses the dollar is bought at S / 4.07 on average, and it is sold at between about S / 4.09.


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