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Exchange rate: Price of the dollar in Peru during the morning of today, December 27

Today, during the morning of this Monday, December 27, the dollar presents a price of S / 4.00 at the interbank level.

It is exchange rate, registered in the exchange session on Friday, represents one of its lowest prices in about two months.

The volatility of dollar, produced last Friday, has generated that so far in 2021 the US currency has risen 10.60%.

Last session had a downward trend due to limited liquidity in the middle of the holiday season of Christmas and New Year.

In addition, globally, some assets took advantage of a greater calm around the outbreak of the variant omicron of the coronavirus.

Despite the advance of the virus, analysts consider it unlikely that the variant omicron will strongly affect the economy, preventing a second consecutive year of growth.

These expectations are given after knowing that the confidence of the consumers In the United States, it rose more than expected in December, so there are expectations that the economy will continue to expand in 2022 despite the pandemic.

How much does the dollar cost you to buy and sell?

The latest report of how much is dollar.pe indicates that in money changers and exchange houses, the price of the dollar for the purchase is S / 3.99 and for the sale it is S / 4.035 on average.

While in banks, the purchase price of Dollars It is between S / 3.87 and S / 3.97, and the sale of the dollar is between S / 4.02 and S / 4.15.

Remember this morning the dollar price it still does not present any variation. The price will begin to vary as soon as the day begins today at approximately 9:00 am.


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