Exchange rate: Price of the dollar in Peru during the morning of today, November 23, 2021

Today, during the morning of this Tuesday, November 23, the dollar presents a price of S / 4,011 at the interbank level.

It is exchange rate, registered in the exchange session last Friday, represents a minimum increase of 0.05% in the Peruvian market.

To mitigate the rise in exchange rate, the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) He was in charge of intervening, selling US $ 5 million.

The minimum increase in the price of dollar It occurred after the uncertainty generated by the Executive Power regarding the closure of four mining companies.

“We are not sure if the government has fully appreciated the magnitude of what this type of action could mean for the foreign investment Peru, which we believe could provide potential for a reversal at an appropriate time, ”RBC analyst Tyler Broda told the Financial Times.

Globally, the US currency reached its maximum level since July 2020, after the president of USAJoe Biden decided to nominate current Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for a second term.

Price of the dollar for buying and selling

The latest report from the platform qué points out that in money changers the green ticket has a purchase price of S / 4.00 and a sale price of S / 4.03 on average.

While on the banks the dollar It has an average purchase price of up to S / 4.00 and the sale price is up to approximately S / 4.12.

Remember this morning the dollar price does not show any changes yet. The price will begin to change as soon as the day begins today at approximately 9:00 am.


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