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Exchange rate: Price of the dollar remains below S / 4 at the close of today, December 28

Today, Tuesday, December 28, the dollar closed the exchange session falling for the second time in a row in the week.

According to information from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), the exchange rate in Peru went from S / 3,974 to S / 3,961 at the interbank level.

The price of the green ticket it fell 0.36% in the Peruvian market, which is at its lowest level in two months.

Globally, the currency was stable, after solid retail sales data was reported in U.S that dispelled the fear that the omicron variant would affect the Economic recovery.

On the other hand, Juan Carlos Odar, economist and co-founder of Phase Consultores, explained to Bloomberg that there are other aspects that have favored the appreciation of the peruvian sun.

One of the factors is the outflow of capital from Chile, which has motivated investors to seek opportunities in other emerging economies such as Peru.

The increase in the benchmark interest rate of the BCR It has also worked to mitigate the rise in the dollar, improving the demand for soles.

And finally, another factor that is helping to reduce dollar exchange rate it is the least amount of transactions after the Christmas holiday and the upcoming New Year celebrations.

Price of the dollar for buying and selling

Theuchestaeldolar.pe platform indicates that in the parallel market the dollar the dollar is bought at S / 3.93 and sold at approximately S / 3.97.

While in digital exchange houses the green ticket It is bought for S / 3.95 and it is sold for S / 3.98 on average.

It should be noted that the price of the dollar below S / 4 it is close to the projection of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), which expects the dollar to close at S / 3.93.


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